American Cheesecake 1kg.


Powdered mix for original American cheesecake

Gluten free

Packaging: 1 kg.



Powdered mix for original American cheesecake

AMERICAN CHEESECAKE is a powdered mix which will allow you to make the original American Cheesecake very quickly and easily. Thanks to its 35% of fresh cheese content, you will be able to obtain a finished product with a truly exceptional taste, aroma and texture. With AMERICAN CHEESECAKE you can create many different versions of this delicious cake.

Recipe for 5 moulds Ø 14 cm – H 5 cm:
– Basic crust recipe:
Crumbled biscuits g 400
Melted butter g 160

Mix and use it as a base in the cheesecake ring, forming a 1/2 centimeter layer.

– Basic cheesecake cream recipe:
Lukewarm water (about 35°C) g 1.250

Mix all the ingredients in a planetary mixer equipped with a whisk, at low speed for about 2 minutes, until you get a smooth cream. Pour the cream into the rings and fill them by 3/4. Bake at 150-160°C for about 50 minutes. After cooling completely, remove from the ring and decorate the surface by spreading an even layer of the FRUTTIDOR you prefer.

TIP: to improve the flavour of your cheesecake, add 50 g of egg yolks to the above recipe.

Packaging: 1 kg.