Rainbow paste white 500gr.


White sugar paste for decorations and coatings

Gluten free

Packaging 500gr.



White sugar paste for decorations and coatings

RAINBOW PASTES are mold-able, coloured sugar pastes which, thanks to their special formulation, are extremely versatile and perfect both for covering monumental and special event cakes, and to create decorations. The available colours are: blue, green, red, yellow, pink, lilac, black and white. RAINBOW PASTES have an intermediate consistency, in between Princess Paste and Pasta Dama Top. RAINBOW PASTES are highly resistant to changes in temperature and to humidity without cracking; their extreme elasticity allows them to be rolled out very thin with a rolling pin or sheeter. RAINBOW PASTES have a delicious natural vanilla flavour and the RAINBOW PASTE WHITE can be coloured as a mass with water-soluble colourings to obtain beautiful pastel hues, while all the other colours can be mixed together to obtain particular shades of colour. Moreover, they can be coloured on the surface by using an airbrush with water-soluble food colourings. The green, red, yellow and black RAINBOW PASTES are available also in the version with AZO colourings. In this case the colours will appear brighter and more intense.

Packaging: 500gr.